Ms. Philippine-Japan Constestant (photos by: Infocus Photography)

Kadayawan Sa Tokyo 2012 presents Miss Philippines-Japan Pageant

The pageant debuted last August 19, 2012 in Sagamiono Green Hall, Sagamihara City with 10 candidates competed for the crown. The prestigious pageant is set to be held every year as an annual project of Kadayawan Sa Tokyo under the Davao Organizer Society.

Miss Philippines-Japan Jeremae Capuyan ( photo by: Infocus Photography)

The beauty of Filipinas is undeniably exotic and capturing. Like singing competitions, Filipinos has the culture of showcasing or promoting beauty of women through pageants. Even if we`re here in Japan and since we are keen to this kind of event, It is a good way of reaching out and uniting each other through this activities. This is also why Kadayawan Sa Tokyo was established. “Kadayawan” is a much known festival in Davao. The Davao Organizer Society launched the Kadayawan Sa Tokyo last year (2011) wherein they had a fashion show. But then, this year they celebrated the festival with a pageant. At first, it was supposed to be entitled as Bb. Davao but they received a lot of feedback as to why the pageant is limited to Davaoneos only when there are a lot of other beautiful Filipinas out there. So, they changed it to Miss Philippines-Japan Pageant which they intend to hold annually. This year, they had two screenings in Tokyo, one in Saitama and one in Gunma. Plus, they had regional competition in Shizuoka and took 2 candidates in Yokosuka. The pageant was open to all girls with Filipino descent and from 17 to 25 years old. As their first year, they had 10 Finalists for the pageant. The girls competed with elegance and poise in front of a large audience aiming for the crown and title. At the end, there are four crowned winners on the grand coronation day and with other special awards included. The crowned Miss Philippines-Japan 2012 is Ms. Jerimae Capuyan. The 1st Runner-up Luzon is Ms. Princess Ayeza Magsalin. The 2nd Runner-up Visayas is Ms. Natsumi Shiga. The 3rd Runner-up Mindanao is Ms. Youko Kushida. The crowned winner received 100,000yen, a round trip ticket to Narita-Manila and other special prizes.
Regardless who won or not, it was a tight and fair competition. Everyone is beautiful in their own rights. One thing is clear, an event like this would always bring Filipinos together, rekindle the culture we have back home and enrich the foundation of the Philippine Community in Japan. We salute organizations like the Davao Organizer Society and projects like Kadayawan Sa Tokyo. Congratulations to all who are involved, candidates and the winners. More power and success to Kadayawan Sa Tokyo. Mabuhay ang kulturang Pilipino.

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  1. YouxKush Reply

    September 5, 2012 at 6:16 am

    Correction: It’s not Youke it’s Youko Kushida.

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